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“…This December 31st, Set Really BIG Empowered Thoughts For 2017”

"According to Christopher J Anderson, "Our planet is growing a brain." For a number of technology reasons and the accelerated rate of interconnection happening on the planet, Anderson concludes by suggesting ... We can therefore be certain that a massive transformation is about to hit. We better get ready."
We agree especially if you consider the planetary highlights for 2017. It’s a good news, bad news year. Good news might be that stability will have some ground although this could be bad news if it’s about the entrenchment which blocks transformation. Bad news might be that the inevitable chaos which transformation requires cannot be stopped. Good of course might be that the impending worsening chaos can inspire and galvanize the wisdom required to take us to the other side of chaos. Carolyn says “what great time to repattern!” Julie agrees.

So instead of resolutions we invite you to join us and wield the brain power you possess for this free New Year’s Eve day healing event to align our energies for the coming year. Astrology will guide our process and harness our thoughts for a brave new year.

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach will facilitate this world healing online group session with Julie Simmons as astrologer holding the space in the session as the proxy for the group.

Your part will be to imagine a brave new world. The session will help all of us as well as our Planet to align with life-enhancing energies in a coherent way. Who knows ... together we could create a miracle for each other or for the world. Anything can happen when you resonate with your desires for a better world.

To be part of this event, sign up here and when you login be sure to complete the Repatterning form to have your energy and intentions included. For the Repatterning we are asking everyone to contemplate these questions, select one and use it to make ONE very big intention for the world and/or yourself. It will be included in the session.

Choose from one of these questions:

  1. What kind of world do you want to live in?
  2. If you had a super power to create that world, what one thing would you do in your world to make it happen?
  3. What would you manifest for human rights or the rights of others?
  4. What could be the most liberating upside of sudden, unanticipated breakthroughs in technology
  5. What big establishment (church, state, business) changes do you envision?
  6. What limiting belief would you let go of forever?

Julie Simmons, Astrologer and Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Julie Simmons and Carolyn Winter

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