The Moons of 2017 With Astrologer Julie Simmons

The Shape of Things to Come - | taught by Julie Simmons

Course description

A look at the astrological shape of things to come in 2017. We will use the New and Full Moons as a guide to gain insight into the planetary picture of the coming year. Each person receives a print-out of their chart with the lunations (new and full moons) penciled in so you can follow the progress of the year in your own life through your astrological chart. Watch the LIVE video event on November 22nd at 9:00am EST. OR obtain your chart information and follow along with the video at anytime after November 22, 2016.

Julie Simmons
Julie Simmons

I see astrology as a great navigational tool in a world that seems rich in information but poor in meaning. I can’t say I know the meaning of life but it seems to me that we come to planet earth to awaken consciousness rather than be comfortable. (Although I like comfort!) Astrology is not a religion. It doesn’t tell me what to think. Its rich imagery and ancient tradition keep me mindful of the need to wake up and give me suggestions as to how I might do that.

I am truly blessed to be able to share this with my clients and students.

Julie Simmons

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