Nun Karma Repatterning To Support Job/Career Success

Release Lifetimes of Limiting Solemn Vows | taught by Carolyn Winter

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Join Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach
for the Nun Karma Group Repatterning 

Focusing on Job and Career Goals & Success
  Interactive Recorded Session

"Create a pattern for movement for your job or career!"

How is the Nun Karma aspect  related to career? 

The path of enlightenment for many over the ages involved joining a group, whereby one's spiritual life could be sheltered and protected as in a Convent or Monastery.  In a world where  the average person could not envision a spiritual path let alone understand it, the spiritually enlightened were not always appreciated.

Like the ilke of witches they could come under attack.   A secluded community was the answer not only for protection, but to grow the movement.  As a result they have contributed a great deal to the evolution of our religions, dogma, culture of arts and music, and no doubt more.  Of course there are also many non-coherent patterns generated by living in a such a secluded community - the loss of identity, independence, individuality etc. 

The most potent of past life qualities from a secular or similar life is the declaration of vows for obedience, poverty and chastity in the presence or light of God. These past life vows according to Dr. John Wyrick are the most difficult to clear in a present life time, because they were made before God and therefore transcend lifetimes.   They are said to be difficult to clear. 

All of these situations can be brought forward in our soul energy field as karmic plus' and minuses to be resolved in our current life. If you don't believe in or have thought about a past life connection, this could surface for you as unexplained patterns of pain or limitation - why does one family member always find financial success and another with similar effort always goes broke?  Why are you always working for someone who over powers you?  Why is your work never recognized?  Or for all of your hard effort why are you barely getting by? 

Our Nun Karma repatterning is here to address these aspects and others related to these past life experiences.  

In this recorded session, we will do the Nun Karma repatterning with a special focus on Attaining our Goals and Being Successful.  The repatterning contains an updated method of accessing our past life patterns that can be revisited several times after the session to keep clearing the patterns. 

S.W.A.GYour copy of the Nun Karma Release Repatterning and Workbook, Video and Audio recording of the session as well as the group session notes.  An opportunity to update the hologram of this session with your specific issues, intentions and past life patterns

Group Repatternings use the Resonance Repatterning System of Healing where Carolyn Winter as practitioner will... 

  • identify  issues  (you supply) 
  •  access past life patterns playing out in the present
  •  put  forward our new intentions 
  • find  the group related karmic patterns that blocks us 
  • find  new healthier patterns for the present that creates movement for our job/careers
  • clear  all patterns identified in the session with alternative healing exercises customized for the group
  •  recommend actions to take after the session that anchors the shifts and creates movement for job/career. 

The session is part of a hologram and can be accessed for healing shifts again and again after the live session is over.  Register and the hologram will anticipate your future participation! 


Repatternings for a group usually bring a bigger wave of healing energy than for an individual because of the entrained field of energy.  Change can happen for you in several ways: 

  • You will literally feel a new pathway open up in your awareness receiving new insights for your career or job situation.  These can arrive during the session or days and months afterwards creating awareness coherence.  Sometimes the insights are mystical! 
  • you will find yourself taking new actions for your job or career you could not take before
  • Others show up to support your career/job goals;  

Join us for this journey of job and/or career support.
 Register today and begin your process at anytime. 

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with love and light 


Carolyn Winter
Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

Carolyn Winter